The Factories

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Sylva Autokits

The wellspring of creativity and manufactors of the Striker and Jester models.

Unit A11,
Harrison Way,
Dowlands Business Park,
Manby, Near Louth,
Lincs LN11 8UX

Tel:(01507) 328809

The main Sylva factory is run by Jeremy Phillips and is situated at Manby, Near Louth in Lincolnshire. Jeremy currently produces the Striker, and the Jester, a breakaway from the race style mould more akin to the beach buggy Rotrax design.

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Fisher Sportscars

Fury main Agent

Underlyn Ind Estate,
Underlyn Road,
Kent. TN12 9QE.

Tel:(01622) 832988

Run by Mark and Isabell Fisher

According to a recent press release Fisher sportcars are to undertake the SVA Pilot scheme. A Fury demo car was put in for testing and required only small modifications to pass. It is expect that the Spyder model will be even easier to pass because not having a traditional widscreen it does not have the complications of windscreen heater and demist equipment.

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Shelsley Sportscars

General Fury Agents

Hillside Martley,
Worcs. WR6 6QW

Tel: (01886) 888818

Anthony Cook has this factory just a stones throw from the Shelsley hillclimb.

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Specialist Sportscars incorporating The Jester Center

Stylus Factory

Peter Powell Runs the Specialist Sportscars Factory

The Old School Yard,
Smithfield Street,
Powyes, SW18 6EJ

Tel: 01686 413000 Email:

Jester banner